Hi, I’m Joana.

When I was 13 years old, I took my first business class. We were learning how to sell a product from development to launch.

A few weeks in, I eagerly asked the teacher when we would start designing the marketing materials. He told me that if I was interested in design, I should go to art class.

Art class? I’m not here to paint fruit!  

Even at age 13, I knew --  I’m here to make a huge difference in the world. 

Today, I do that through creating jaw-dropping design for visionary entrepreneurs who desire to serve millions of people.

In order to stand out from the thousands of service providers and experts like you (and show that your programs are worth investing big in), you must communicate it visually.

Every single touch point potential customers have with your brand affects what they think of you.

And just like putting on a designer dress for a big event or a 200$ shirt for a conference, the right design multiplies someone’s impression of you by 10x.

That’s what I do for brands.

My work ethic, life-long study of design, and tremendous dedication to exceeding my clients’ expectations is why within 6 months of launching my business, I started serving industry leaders like Derek Halpern and Selena Soo.

Whether you are launching your flagship program or rebranding your site...

I'm here to help your brand thrive.

Want to know how I got here?

After graduating from the #1 school for graphic design in the UK, I worked for award-winning design agencies serving clients such as CNN, visit Britain, Euro news, and the Daily Mail. Ultimately, I wanted the freedom to work with trailblazers and change-makers, so I quit my job and started my own design business.

But my design career goes back much further than that...

At age 7, I insisted on designing my friends’ birthday party invitations. I was convinced that if I designed them, more people would come. (And yes, we had very high invite-to-RSVP conversion rates.)

Starting at 8 years old, I went to weekly fashion exhibitions and photo shoots with my mother, a fashion designer and architect. I spent countless hours watching models walk the catwalk in the latest fashions, and photographers create the perfect compositions for their photos.

These experiences trained my eye to see how every detail -- from the way a model’s face was angled to the texture of her skirt -- affects our experience of beauty.

On top of all of that, I lived around the world before the age of 14, moving from Portugal to Holland to London. And because I had trouble picking up new languages, I communicated through drawing pictures. With each new culture I was immersed in, my ability to communicate visually was further enhanced. 

You could say my entire life experience has led me to helping you create your beautiful brand.

Find out how to work with me here.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at my studio in Portugal here:

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