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You could say my entire life has led me to creating your extraordinary branding + design.


My first design job goes back to age 7, when I insisted on designing my friends’ birthday party invitations. I was convinced that if I designed them, more people would come. (And yes, we had very high invite-to-RSVP conversion rates.)

When I was 13, I took my first business class to learn how to create and sell a product. A few weeks in, I eagerly asked the teacher when we would start designing the marketing materials. He told me that if I was interested in design, I should go to art class.

Art class? I’m not here to paint fruit!  

Even at age 13, I knew -- I’m here to make a huge difference in the world with my design.

I see myself as a citizen as the world. I’ve lived in places like Portugal, London, Holland, and New York City. And I’ve travelled to places like Brazil, Indonesia, Costa Rica, and Malaysia.

I bring in fresh ideas from different cultures and environments into my design, making sure every project is unique + distinctive.