All expenses paid!


Do you ever miss a party because you have too much work to do, but then spend the night staring at a blank page, frustrated that nothing is coming to you? You're tired, get distracted by following what's happening at the party on social media and then end up regretting not going, because let's face it - you didn't get anything done anyway. 

This surely isn’t what we have in mind when

we quit our jobs to start our own businesses right?

That’s what this year has been all about for me: 

  • Trying to find the perfect balance between work and play.
  • Saying yes to play more often.
  • Incorporating play into my everyday.

And what results I’m getting! More clients are coming in because I’m so relaxed and happy in our meetings, I’m making more friends by doing fun activities, who in turn send clients my way and I even manifested an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii to hang out with my favourite "client" and let inspiration guide us to create awesome new things. (Surely feels more like play than work!)

So how did this happen?

I met Laura in June of last year and immediately felt drawn to her work & essence. Shortly after she contacted me for a couple of design projects (you might have seen WhollyShiftLive & the SuperHumanBreakfast challenge) and ever since then our relationship has organically blossomed into an amazing friendship. Not only that, but I became so in awe of her way of living, her deep presence and how everything seem to be effortless for her that I soon became her client too. 

Fast forward 8 months, after experiencing tremendous shifts (which I'll talk about soon) and getting deeper and deeper into a new effortless flow of life, she calls me out of the blue to catch up. She was going to Hawaii in 5 days and I mentioned how I would love to go and take a little break to get re-inspired and re-energised. 5 mins later and she booked my flight and I skipped home to pack, filled with excitement and in awe of how easy it can all really be!


Of course there was a part of me that was scared to leave my design studio for 2 weeks. To trust my staff to get the work going, and with some degree of fear that my whole business would fall apart if I left it for this long. But thank goodness I've been working with Laura for a while now and learning how to tune into myself to know what's best for me in the long run. On this trip I've not only learnt how to feel TRUE freedom wether I was at my laptop or at the beach, learn how to not feel guilty when I put my health before my business, but I've also had a rash go away, lost 4kg, and overcame digestive problems I've been having back at home. 

Talking about this with Laura was what inspired us to create a webinar, and I'm so excited that I get to share all of what Laura has taught me with you. Laura will share such valuable insights that will be sure to change your ways for years to come. We only just came up with this so we know there is not enough warning for us to join, but for that reason we will send the replay, so if this resonates with you and want to learn more - be sure to click the link below!

Hope to see you there!