How it can help you:

Whether you want to update a page with a new testimonial, change the prices of offerings, do small design tweaks to a page we can get that done. Need a new opt-in offer designed and the codes changed? Adding a new page making sure the style is coherent with the website? No problem! A retainer can have you covered for all the changes you want made on your website for cheaper.



Because we have all the design files for your website, and websites is what we do for a living, we can get it all done fairly quickly and without you having to worry over it. Less hassle for you, and more time to do what you are best at. :) By getting a retainer you are also guaranteed that we put these hours aside for you. This avoids the disappointment of when you need something changed only to find out we’re booked 3 months out.

Option 1: (if you think you only need small changes here and there for now)

- 5 hrs/month: 375$ (at 75$/h)

- Additional hours at 60$/h (max 10 in total)


Option 2: (if you think you need a few changes like adding new testimonials every month, and new opt-in codes)

- 10 hrs/month: 600$ (at 60$/h)

- Additional hours at 50$/h (max 15 in total)


Option 3: (if you need a considerable amount of changes, new page added per month or an opt-in designed ie:ebook)

- 20 hrs/month: 1,000$ (at 50$/h)

- Additional hours at 40$/h (max 30 in total)

Above options have a minimum of 3 month commitment and unfortunately, because we will be allotting these hours to your website, they cannot be moved to a different month. Nevertheless, we will never lose the hours. If you can't find anything for us to do, we will go through your website and identify areas where we can improve it and put the hours to good use so your investment never goes to waste. :)


Pay as you go alternative: (no commitment)

80$/h or buy a pack of 10 maintenance hours for 700$.

Finally we are also launching a great new retainer this year for social media marketing:



Why you may need this:

You want to get more leads from social media and grow your audience. Whilst you know what you want to share, you might not be sure how to make it look good so it stands out in such a cluttered space. (specially given the fact that it has been proven that posts with images get more traction) It is also very important that your brand stays coherent with every touch point your audience has with it, so having it well designed to match your brand is very important to help you look the part, and establish you as a leader.



Send us what you need designed at the beginning of each month and we'll take care of it. You don't need to worry about how to make it consistent, how to put it all together so it looks good, and the pressure of having to deliver something to us each month will also keep you in check to make sure you're staying active and relevant on social media. With our work together, you can be sure to grow your audience a lot faster. Plus, having a separate graphic for each of your podcasts can help you get traction in more social media channels rather than just iTunes. :)


Social media design retainer includes:

  • 1 blogpost sharing graphic a week (in fb, twitter & instagram format - this can be one per podcast)
  • 1 quote graphic a week (in the style of your branding, with a link to your website) It is proven that quote graphics are the things that are shared most, so there might as well be some quotes with your website being shared around the web. Could mean great new leads for you!
  • 4 seasonal graphics a year (christmas special, black friday, thanksgiving, summer etc. We can choose these together - they can also be used to promote launches)
  • 4 different social media covers a year (to keep your brand exciting and fresh)

The investment:

375$/month with a minimum of 3 months. (content needs to be delivered to us for design once a month)

Let me know if you have any questions, or if you would like to schedule a call to talk these over. :)