Matthew Kimberley

Branding Project & Webdesign

 This was Matthew's website before he worked with us.

This was Matthew's website before he worked with us.

I had the pleasure to meet the wonderful Matthew Kimberley at Chris Ducker's conference Tropical Think Tank in the Philippines and was honoured when he asked us to help us with his re-brand.

Matthew is the head of the Book Yourself Solid School of Coach Training, the funniest self help author you'll come across, as well as one of the best Sales Coach and Marketing Consultant out there.

His wonderful British humour and charm light up every audience he speaks to, and so we wanted to create a new identity that reflected not only his humour and personality, but also the high quality and sophistication of his work.


As always, we started with a lot of research and collating moodboards. Above is the moodboard Matthew chose for his brand (it was our favourite too). The serifed fonts communicate sophistication, the colours give his brand a modern and elegant male look and feel and the splash of orange and the outline of the rubber duck show the viewer that they can also expect a splash of humour, in a subtle way.