Branding and web design project for Laura Hames Franklin's Super Human Breakfast Challenge. 

This challenge was all about how to start your day the best way possible for a lifetime of can’t-wait-to-get-out-of-bed-and-kick-ass-all-day energy.

It was a free challenge aimed as a way to grow Laura's list, introduce people to her work, and to her paid programs. It proved to be a great success with over 2,000 opt-ins.

So if you're tempted in running a challenge yourself, here's a sneak peak at the process and hopefully some inspiration:

Initial logo concepts:

This is how the challenge website looked like - you can check it out here:


PDF printables for the challenge:

And social media marketing materials.

"Joana is exceptional at bringing a concept and vision to life. Joana has an incredible eye for unique and clean design, and she is incredibly kind and professional – a real pleasure to work with! Joana is one step ahead – looking at the pieces that I haven't yet identified and constantly thinking of areas for improvement. Working with Joana has supported the next level of growth in my business and in return, has grown my reach and clientele."

Laura Hames Franklin

If you want to know more about the process of creating an online challenge, feel free to contact me! Let's chat!

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